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2016 Family Day – Lasertag


Mega Zone, 20 Clemow Dr, Mt Wellington


Sunday February 28, 1pm-3pm


After a yummy dinner, a lineup of fantastic contestants, and a nail-bitingly close election, congratulations to the new executive committee of 2015!

President: Kevin Liu
Membership Secretary: Vicky Tai
TI Rep: Alwin Lim
5th Year Rep: Jean Lee
4th Year Rep: Andrew Thushyanthan
Preclinical Reps: Karen Chung, Mina Han, Hamish Wu
Editors: Jin Soo Kim, Jim Jin, Sharon Ngo, Cora Liu
Webmaster: Terry Kim

Yacma Executive Committee 2014

President: Kevin Liu
Membership Secretary: Alwin Lim
TI Rep: Maryanne Ting
5th year Rep: Debra Yeh
4th year Rep: Vincent Jeong
Preclinical Reps: Kenji Kawamura, Harry Yoon, Frank Zhang
Editors: Paul Liao, Liz No, Maggie Pan, Vicky Tai
Webmaster: Eileen Zhou