Australasian Combined Chinese Medical Associations (ACCMA) AUCKLAND CONFERENCE 2016

Chinese Health in Australasia

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08:00-08:30 - Registration

08:30-08:45 - President's Welcome

                       - New Mission Statement                                                                              

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                       - ACMA Membership Benefits

08:45-10:15 - Combined Session - Oncology and Palliative Care

                       - Chairperson: Dr Derek Luo (gastroenterologist)

                       - Facilitator: Dr Peter Fong (medical oncologist) - Treating Cancer in Chinese Patients

                       - Palliative Care Specialist: Dr James Jap (palliative care physician) - Palliative Care of Chinese Patients

                       - Oncology Research Nurse: Angie Li (University of Auckland research nurse) - Oncology Research Nurse Perspective on Chinese Palliative Patients

                       - Social Worker: Angel Chen (Mercy Hospice social worker) - Hospice Social Worker Perspective of Chinese Palliative Patients

                       - Social Worker: Tanya Suin (Chinese Hospice social worker) - Hospice Social Worker Perspective of Chinese Palliative Patients

10:15-11:00 - Morning Tea

11:00-12:30 - Morning Concurrent Session 1A - Renal Medicine and Hypertension

                       - Chairperson: Dr Andrew To (cardiologist)

                       - Facilitator: Dr Walter van der Merwe (renal/hypertension physician)

                       - 11:00-11:05: Dr Walter van der Merwe - Introduction

                       - 11:05-11:30: Dr Walter van der Merwe - Overview of Renal Disease and Hypertension in Chinese Populations

                       - 11:30-11:55: Dr Viliami Tutone (renal physician) - Management of End Stage Renal Failure in Chinese Patients 

                       - 11:55-12:20: Kitty Ko (renal dialysis patient) - Improving the CKD-Dialysis Experience for Chinese Patients and their Families (supported by R/N Jenny Harmer, renal nurse)

                       - 12:20-12:30: Panel Discussion

11:00-12:30 - Morning Concurrent Session 1B - Health Management

                       - Chairperson: Dr Carlos Lam (GP and urgent care physician)

                       - 11:00-11:30: Dr Tim Hou (GP) - Overview of CMDHB At Risk Individual (ARI) Program

                       - 11:30-12:00: Dr Denis Lee (GP) - Overview of CMDHB Localities Project: East Auckland

                       - 12:00-12:30: Sue Lim (WDHB eCALD National Programme Manager) - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (eCALD)

12:30-13:30 - Lunch

13:30-14:00 - Keynote Speaker

                       - Chairperson: Dr Derek Luo (gastroenterologist)

                       - Keynote Speech: Prof Shanthi Ameratunga (public health physician/paediatrician) - Asian Youth Health: Taking the Pulse of the Next Generation

14:00-15:30 - Afternoon Concurrent Session 1A - Medical Stream

                       - Chairperson: Dr Kristine Ng (rheumatologist)

                       - 14:00-14:30: Dr Edward Wong (neurologist) - Neurology Update

                       - 14:30-15:00: Dr Weldon Chiu (chemical pathologist) - When Our Old Friend Creatinine is not Quite "Him or Herself".....

                       - 15:00-15:30: Dr Melanie Ang (paediatrician) - IgE-Mediated Food Allergies

14:00-15:30 - Afternoon Concurrent Session 1B - Uniqueness of Chinese

                       - Chairpersons: Dr Derek Luo and Dr Sue Lim (gastroenterologist and WDHB Asian health services co-ordinator)

                       - 14:00-14:30: Dr Sai Wong (psychiatrist) - Mental Health in Chinese

                       - 14:30-15:00: Zhuoshi Zhang (WDHB diabetes dietician) - Chinese Perspective on Diabetes

                       - 15:00-15:30: Cecilia Wing-Chun Wong-Cornall (ADHB nurse) - Stroke and Chinese

15:30-16:00 - Afternoon Tea

16:00-17:20 - Afternoon Concurrent Session 2A - Surgical Stream

                       - Chairperson: Dr Adrian Wan (GP and urgent care physician)

                       - 16:00-16:20: Dr Shuan Dai (ophthalmologist) - Eyes Update

                       - 16:20-16:40: Dr Michelle Wong (ENT surgeon) - ENT Update

                       - 16:40-17:00: Mr Peter Poon (orthopaedic surgeon) - Orthopaedic Update

                       - 17:00-17:20: Dr Garsing Wong (cosmetic medicine specialist) - Cosmetic Medicine Update

16:00-17:20 - Afternoon Concurrent Session 2B - Chinese Health Services

                       - Chairpersons: Dr Andrew To and Dr Sue Lim (cardiologist and WDHB Asian health services co-ordinator)

                       - 16:00-16:30: Sandra Innes and Vivian Cheung (Plunket National Policy Advisor and Asian Plunket Co-ordinator) - Asian Peoples Strategy at Plunket

                       - 16:30-17:00: Gloria Gao and Fangfang Chen (Social Services Co-ordinator and Social Worker for Chinese New Settler's Trust) - Healthy Babies, Healthy Future

                       - 17:00-17:20: Karen Chung (4th Year Medical Student, University of Auckland) - CHAINZ Program

17:20-18:30 - Closing Remarks and Networking Session

17:30-18:30 - ACCMA Executive Committee Meeting (executive members only)

19:00-21:30 - Dinner at Imperial Palace Restaurant, 519 Ellerslie-Panmure Highway, Mt Wellington