ACMA 2017 CME NO.1 (SUN 5 MAR)

March CME

Venue: Grand Park Chinese Restaurant, Gate B, Alexandra Park Raceway, Green Lane West, Epsom
Date: Sunday 5th March, 5:30pm
Sponsor: Device Technologies

  • 5.30pm Arrival and Registration
  • 6.00pm President's Welcome and ACMA Introduction
  • 6.15pm CME presentation 1 – Mr Andrew Cho, ENT Surgeon
    Topic: Let's Talk TORS
  • 6:30pm CME presentation 2 – Mr Simon van Rij, Urologist
    Topic: Robotic Surgery: Revolution or Just More Alternative Facts?
  • 6.45pm CME presentation 3 – Dr Anna Lawrence, Urologist
    Topic: Prostate Surgery Complications: When Will My Patient Stop Leaking?
  • 7:00pm YACMA Elective presentation 1 - Dr Jean Lee, House Officer
  • 7:15pm YACMA Elective presentation 2 - Dr Eileen Zhou, House Officer
  • 7.30pm Dinner

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