Botany Community Day 2017 – ACMA Stall at Botany Town Centre (SAT 4 MAR)


Botany Community Day 2017


Town Centre Dr, Botany Town Centre, Botany, Auckland



Sat 4 Mar


10am - 3pm


Free to ACMA/YACMA members


ACMA will be running a stall for our second year at the Botany Town Centre where you can get your height, weight, and blood pressure checked amongst other things.  We will also be providing health-related brochures and screening/immunisations and providing links to other conditions via our CHAINZ website.  For participating in this health check, you will get a summary of your measurements and some good health advice from our volunteer doctors and medical students.  Please visit us in between your shopping and eating!


Here are some enlightening stories from our volunteer students about how they found the day and what it meant to them: 

It was a really great experience that gave me my first real taste clinical work both using medical instruments and interacting with patients. We were lucky to have doctors there teaching us how to use manually take blood pressures as well as answer any questions we had. - Daisy Huang, 2nd year
From taking people's blood pressure all the way to discussing their health concerns, it was a really full on day. As a second year medical student, meeting and interacting with the public was an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience. Seeing them become enthusiastic and interested in their health also got me excited and so I'm sure to be back again for more! - David Kim, 2nd year
The YACMA volunteering was a great experience for me as it helped me a lot with getting more confident in performing tasks such as manual blood pressure and taking peak flow etc. It was also enjoyable and I had a lot of fun talking to the people involved as well as the patients during my time there. - Nicky Lee, 3rd year
The second volunteering event of 2017 took place at Botany Town Centre on the 4th of March. As part of Botany Community Day, Dr Derek Luo gave a speech to introduce ACMA/YACMA and our goals of health advocacy to the event goers. We were glad to see a great turnout of volunteers from all year levels. Apart from providing free check-ups including blood pressure measurement, peak flow, BMI calculation etc, the volunteers engaged in friendly conversations with members of the public to raise health awareness. During quiet periods, the volunteers kept busy by chatting about our experiences at different hospitals as well as practicing taking manual blood pressure on each other! - Cherry Chang, 5th year

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