ACMA Conference 2014 – To The Future: Chinese Health in NZ (SAT 28 JUN)

June Conference

Venue: Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, 58 Waipuna Road, Mt. Wellington, Auckland
Date: Saturday 28 June 2014
Sponsors: Neilmed, Novo Nordisk, ANZ, Te Arai Biofarma,Lifestyle Insurance, Total Health, Pfizer, Glaxo-Smith Kline, Independent Living Services
CME Points: 6.5

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08:30-09:00 - Registration

09:00-09:05 - President's Welcome

09:05-09:15 - ACMA Evolution (presented by ACMA Vice President and gastroenterologist, Dr Derek Luo)                                                                            

                       - New Mission Statement                                                                              

                       - New Website                                                                              

                       - ACMA Membership Benefits

09:15-10:45 - Rehabilitation and Allied Health

                       - 09:15-09:35: Dr Yu Min Lin (geriatrician) -  The Older Chinese Patient

                       - 09:35-09:55: Alda Lee (dietician) - Healthy Options For Chinese Diet

                       - 09:55-10:15: Sue Lim (Asian health services co-ordinator) - Asian Health Services

                       - 10:15-10:35: Eric Ho (pharmacist) - Ethnic Differences and Attitudes towards Western Medicine

                       - 10:35-10:45: Q & A Session - Panel Discussion

10:45-11:00 - Morning Tea

11:00-12:30 - Surgical Specialties

                       - 11:00-11:20: Dr Shuan Dai (ophthalmologist) - Eye Update

                       - 11:20-11:40: Dr Michelle Wong (otorhinolaryngologist) - Ear. Nose and Throat Update

                       - 11:40-12:00: Dr Melinda Hii (obstetrician and gynaecologist) - Women's Health Update

                       - 12:00-12:20: Dr S L Peng (general surgeon) - General Surgery Update

                       - 12:20-12:30: Q & A Session - Panel Discussion

12:30-13:15 - Lunch

13:15-14:45 - Medical Specialties

                       - 13:15-13:35: Dr Louis Lao (radiation oncologist) - Oncology Update

                       - 13:35-13:55: Dr Pui Ling Chan (endocrinologist and diabetologist) - Endocrinology Update

                       - 13:55-14:15: Dr Edward Wong (neurologist) - Neurology Update

                       - 14:15-14:35: Dr Andrew To (cardiologist) - Cardiology Update

                       - 14:35-14:45: Q & A Session - Panel Discussion

14:45-15:00 - Afternoon Tea

15:00-16:30 - Mental Health

                       - 15:00-16:30 - The History of Asian Mental Health in New Zealand

                                                - Dr Sai Wong (psychiatrist)

                                                - Patrick Au (counsellor)

                                                - Sue Lim (service manager for WDHB Asian health support services) - link to talk

                                                - Kitty Ko (Asian service development co-ordinator at CMDHB)

16:30-16:45 - Wrap Up and Closing Remarks

ACMA 2014 CME No. 2 (SUN 18 MAY)


Venue: Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant, Cnr Pakenham St East and Customs St West, CBD, Auckland
Date: Sunday 18th May, 5:30pm
Sponsor: This CME is sponsored by ANZ

  • 5.30pm Arrival and Registration
  • 6.00pm President's Welcome
  • 6.05pm CME presentation 1 – Dr Peter Fong, medical oncologist
    Topic: “Medical Oncology Update”
  • 6.45pm CME presentation 2 – Dr Andrew To, cardiologist
    Topic: “CT Angiography and Other Selected Cardiology Topics”
  • 7.30pm Dinner

ACMA 2014 CME No. 1 (SUN 16 MARCH)

Note date of this first meeting for the year.

March CME

Venue: Star Cafe Seafood Restaurant, 345 Chapel Rd, Dannemora, Auckland
Date: Sunday 16th March, 5:30pm
Sponsor: This CME is sponsored by ANZ

  • 5.30pm Arrival and Registration
  • 6.00pm President's Welcome
  • 6.05pm CME presentation 1 – Dr Pui Ling Chan, endocrinologist
    Topic: “Endocrinology - Thyroid, PCOS, Bones, Diabetes”
  • 6.30pm  CME presentation 2 – Dr Derek Luo, gastroenterologist
    Topic: “Post-Surgical Gastrointestinal Problems”
  • 7.00pm Dinner

Final Exec Dinner of 2013

This was our annual end-of-year dinner ritual similar in some ways to the Chinese New Year - out with the old and in with the new!   It was our way our celebrating the contributions and successes of our old executive members (and in some cases, saying goodbye to them) while at the same time introducing the new executive members.  And what better way to do this than eat delicious Chinese food! The venue was the hidden gem of Epsom/Greenlane, the small but wonderfully-packed Golden Jade Restaurant.  This event was well-attended by our student members, especially the pre-clinical students who definitely got a "taste" (pun intended) of what was about to come in the following years as a committee member of our wonderful organization.  Representing the doctors were our president, Adrian Wan, our webmaster, Carlos Lam, and our newest General Committee member, rheumatologist, Kristine Ng.  All-in-all it was a great evening to be had by all with plenty of chit-chat, laughs, advice and of course tasty food!  We look forward to reconvening in February 2014 for our first meeting of the year.

ACMA 2013 AGM (SUN 17 NOV)

November AGM

Venue: Imperial Palace Chinese Restaurant, 519 Ellerslie-Panmure Highway, Mt Wellington
Date: Sunday 17th November, 5:30pm
Sponsor: This CME is sponsored by Mercy Radiology and Auckland Radiation Oncology

  • 5.30pm Arrival and Registration
  • 6.00pm ACMA 2013 AGM 
  1. President’s Report
  2. Election of 2014 ACMA Officials
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. YACMA Report
  • 6.20pm ACMA Elective Scholarship recipient presentation – Lance Yuan
    Topic: “Elective in Oxford University and Hospital”
  • 6.30pm  CME presentation 1 – Dr Remy Lim, radiologist
    Topic: “Screening and Radiology for Lung Cancer”
  • 7.00pm CME presentation 2 – Dr Louis Lao, radiation oncologist
    Topic: “SABR to Focus on Radiotherapy for the Treatment of Lung Cancer and Oligometastases”
  • 7.30pm Dinner

ACMA 2013 CME No. 5 (SUN 25 AUG)

August CME

Venue: Imperial Palace Chinese Restaurant, 519 Ellerslie-Panmure Highway, Mt Wellington
Date: Sunday 25th August, 5:30pm
Sponsor: This CME is sponsored by Lifestyle Insurance Consultants Ltd

  • 5.30pm Arrival and Registration
  • 6.00pm President's welcome
  • 6.05pm CME presentation - Mr Adam Bartlett,  hepatopancreaticobiliary (HPB) and transplant surgeon
    Topic: "Hepatobiliary Conditions in the Asian Population"
  • 6.50pm ACMA Elective Scholarship recipient presentation - Thomas Wong
    Topic: "Infectious Diseases from the Jungles of Sarawak, Malaysia"
  • 7.10pm Sponsor presentation - Tom Wu
    Topic: "Are You Paying Twice? - Understanding How ACC and Private Insurance Work Together"
  • 7.30pm Dinner