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ACMA, the Auckland Chinese Medical Association, is an association of New Zealand Registered Medical Practitioners that aims to be beneficial to the community by serving as a voice on matters of medical or health concern, particularly for Chinese New Zealanders. We hold regular clinical meetings and dinners for our members, a scientific conference every two years, are involved in promoting health within the community, and advocate in health policy.

YACMA is a group for medical students, which is affiliated to and closely linked to ACMA. YACMA holds social and educational events throughout the year for medical students, and students are invited to attend several of ACMA’s CME dinners each year. ACMA also provides scholarships to medical students.

Auckland Chinese Medical Association Inc was registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 on 30 June 2008. (Registration number: CC41715).

Latest news

ACMA Mentorship Programme

The ACMA Mentorship Programme was established in 2014 with the goal of fostering connection between ACMA doctors and medical students.

Mentorship groups consist of 4-5 students and one mentor, who is a senior doctor (specialist/GP). During group meetings, students can discuss various issues pertinent to their stage of medical training with their mentor. Popular topics include 'what life is like as a specialist/GP', 'career progression', 'how to study effectively' and 'work-life balance'. Most groups meet twice a year and between meetings, mentors and students can keep in touch via email.

The mentorship programme runs on a 2-year cycle to allow students to develop a close connection with their mentorship group.

In 2018, the Mentorship Programme will be overseen by Dr Kristine Ng and Dr Gary Wu. Eric Fu (Fourth Year Medical Student) will be the student coordinator for the programme.

We would like to thank our current mentors for their support and dedication and we welcome new mentors and mentees to join at any time. Please register your interest in the programme via the following forms.

Mentors: http://bit.ly/2zczv0F
Mentees: http://bit.ly/2BczYS4


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